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Routine Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye exams, advanced treatment plans, and personalized eyewear solutions for all ages!


Eye care goes beyond eyesight. A comprehensive eye examination at the Eger Eye Group includes checking eyesight, binocular vision, ocular health and related systemic health concerns. We will show you how your eyes are connected to your body and overall health. Through cutting edge technology, our doctors are knowledgeable and understanding to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. We feel there are no routine eye exams. Rather, we take a customized approach and individual care, whether it be an annual exam or a problem based exam. Our care goes beyond your eyes.

Once you’ve completed the check in process, you’ll then be guided by an optometric technician. They will then conduct a few basic preliminary ocular tests. These tests present a baseline summary of your ocular needs. Once the preliminary testing is completed, the optometric technician will then review with your doctorthen the doctor will begin their examination service with you.