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Our team takes pride in helping you select appropriate frames and lenses for your lifestyle needs so you can see and look your best. We offer a wide selection of eyewear for all ages including prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, eyeglasses, safety glasses and sports goggles. Our full-range of lens options include high index (thin) lenses, digital lens options, premium anti-reflective coatings and transition lenses.  In the ophthalmic world, fashion and technology are constantly changing which is why we are committed to regularly updating our selection to offer more options to suit your needs, style, and budget.

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Do your glasses need an adjustment? Is a screw loose? Do your nose pads need replacing? Our team of experts can help you get the right fit and are equipped to make minor repairs on-site. No appointment necessary.


Do you have older glasses you no longer wear? Bring them with you to your next visit to our office. All glasses donated in our office are directed to the “Lions Recycle for Sight” program. We always appreciate any and all donations.


We strive to provide our patients with the best materials, selection, and craftsmanship available.

Featured brands

Eyewear for men that provides bold, luxury, and comfortable styles. Made from handmade acetate, high grade stainless steel, and chinese titanium. Deep rich colors to complement today’s modern man.

Fun, confident, and stylish are a few words used to describe the Fysh eyewear line. Combining the latest runway trends with fun, vibrant colors and patterns, this brand gives the wearer a sense of individuality.

Have you ever imagined of creating your own eyeglasses? Choosing the shape, colors and style? Take a look at our selection of iGreen eye wear at your next visit. This line is completely customizable to suit your facial structure and personal style. The materials are light, durable, and comfortable. There are endless choices to mix and match for you to create a pair of glasses that are uniquely yours.

The same luxury materials and craftsmanship they incorporate in their shoe and handbags, you can find in their eyewear collections. Made for the fashionable, working, and trendy woman in mind. Styles that are simple yet elegant and glamorous. You’ll feel like a shining star in your Jimmy Choo frames.

Giving you a timeless, 60’s inspired, chic style with the iconic Kate Spade collection of eyewear. Fine and distinct details you find on a Kate Spade handbag, you will find in their eyewear as well. Sophisticated, attractive, and easy to wear.

Inspired by Parisian style, Longchamp Paris eyewear is elegant, classic yet modern, and bold. They have a wide range of selection to fit your style. Texture and small details give these frames a class of their own.

A full range line of eyewear that offers classic and high fashion styles. You can claim your own identity and style in your selection of eyewear. The same quality you find in the fashion line, is the same you’ll find in his eyewear.

The notoriety offered by this iconic brand also inspires their eyewear. Inspired by water is how this brand is best described. Their line of frames offers classic, yet modern appeal.

Instantly recognizable by their iconic symbol, this eyewear line embodies the active and modern lifestyle. As a leader in the sportswear industry, the same concept applies to their frames. Strong, sleek, and modern for everyday wear.

Clean lines, fresh and classic shapes. Crafted in Denmark, this line of eyewear is flattering, innovative, and functional. They come in various metal and colorful acetates.

Since 1937 this brand has brought us some iconic and unforgettable eyewear. From the classic Aviator, Clubmaster, and Wayfarer you can always point out a Ray Ban style. Classic, stylish, and genuine always.

Italian eyewear that is iconic and known worldwide. Dedication to craftsmanship, elegance, and creativity defines this brand. Always keeping on trend but, still has classic and chic elements incorporated into their frames.

Originating in 1837 in New York City, Tiffany & Co. is a staple in the fashion industry still today. Their eye wear collection is just as iconic as their jewelry, incorporating their signature blue color into some styles of frames. Tiffany & Co. released their first collection in 2008 and is still a sought after brand here in our office.

Combining a mix of Paris fashion and London chic. This brand has a variety of fun shapes, bright colors, and funky style. Just overall fun frames with little details to discover. A wide range of vintage retro to modern and flashy styles.

plus many more brands for men, women, & children!