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Contact Lenses

Do your glasses interfere with your active lifestyle? The Eger Eye Group can help liberate you from your frames!

Contact lenses help people in all walks of life by providing an alternative to glasses. Our practice carries contact lenses in all of the leading brands. We also offer custom contact lens fittings which include bifocal, multifocal, keratoconus, post-surgical, and scleral lenses. Let Eger Eye serve your prescription needs with lenses that fit your lifestyle.

Your contact lens specifications are presented to you in compliance with the ‘Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act.’ A contact lens prescription can be released after proper fitting and appropriate follow-up has occurred so as to assure that there are no harmful effects to your eyes from the wear of contact lenses. Appropriate follow-up may take weeks or even months after your lenses are initially fit to determine that wearing the lens can be done comfortably and safely with good visual results. Your contact lens prescription exists once we are reasonably certain that your contact lenses meet those fitting criteria, when we would be willing to order lenses for you without the need for further assessment of the lens on your eye, and when all fees for services rendered have been paid in full.

As contact lens specialists, we need to remind you that contact lenses are medical devices. As such they require ongoing assessment. Standard of care dictates that a comprehensive evaluation of your vision and ocular health will be performed on an annual basis.

Incredible Service & Convenience

  • The doctors and staff of the Eger Eye Group are contact lens experts. Success and fit of your contact lenses is guaranteed.
  • Options in the latest contact lens technology
  • Corneal Topography to custom design your contact lenses and assess the health of your cornea
  • No cost for follow-up visits related to vision or performance of lens for six months when contact lens fitting or refitting fees have been paid
  • Extreme convenience with same day in office lens purchasing means lenses often in stock… No wait!
  • Even exchanges if your prescription changes
  • No hassle defective lens replacement
  • Available 24/7 to answer questions and solve problems
  • Emergency contact lenses provided in circumstances when necessary


  • Free shipping direct to your home or work when you purchase a year supply
  • Exclusive higher manufacturers rebates
  • Lower prices than online websites like 1800contacts and price matching when applicable
  • Incentives to purchase a year supply

Extra Savings

  • 20% off first pair of prescription sunglasses, 50% off second pair of prescription sunglasses
  • 25% off non-prescription sunglasses when a one-year supply of contact lenses is ordered (reference this page to receive your discount)
  • 25% off prescription eye wear when a one-year supply of contact lenses is ordered (reference this page to receive your discount)

Plus… complimentary:

  • Trial lenses with annual exam
  • Travel size contact lens solution and case
  • Contact lens rewetting drop samples (if clinically necessary)

Order Online:


Comfortable, convenient, easy to travel with and surprisingly cost effective. This modality is the fastest growing in the U.S. and even has become a wonderful option for part-time contact lens wearers to only use them as you need them. More than half our patients are wearing this modality.


We are now able to correct the majority of astigmatism prescriptions with soft, comfortable lenses. Many patients with astigmatism have been told for years that contacts weren’t for them. This is no longer true! The vast majority of prescriptions even come in a variety of daily disposable options.


Technology has made great strides in recent years with multifocal designs of soft and gas permeable lenses. Near, intermediate, and far vision can be obtained while wearing a multifocal contact lens. Multifocal lenses are designed with specific areas of different powers throughout so you no longer need to constantly change glasses to see clearly.


With a wide variety of incredible subtle or dramatic color enhancements available, why not consider a change to your eye color just like you change your clothes? For special occasions or day to day use, come in for a fitting to try them for yourself.


Contact lens materials have advanced significantly to decrease friction with blinking, maintain moisture, and keep the natural balance of the delicate tissue on the front of the eye. All of this will give you a contact lens experience like you’ve never had.


Not everyone fits into soft contact lenses and for those patients, we offer rigid gas permeable contact lens fitting. Our experienced optometrists will work with a specialized lab to find the perfect fit for your unique visual needs. Our doctors specialize in fitting the irregular cornea (keratoconus, keratoglobus, pellucid marginal degeneration, status post penetrating keratoplasty, corneal warpage, etc.) with scleral lenses and other speciality fit custom lenses.



Insertion & Removal Guide

Using a plunger:

Using your finger:


Eger Eye Group participates in the “One by One” recycling program with Bausch + Lomb©. You can bring us your used blister packs, foil lids, and soft contact lenses to our office and we will handle the rest!