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Neurolenses® | Relief is in Sight

Do you get headaches? Eyes that feel tired or dry? Pain in your neck and shoulders? Bouts of dizziness? Your eyes could be the problem, and Neurolenses® could be the solution.

Screen time and how it effects you:

Today’s eyes work hard. In work and leisure, busy people are using their near vision more than ever, especially with digital devices.

Because the disparity between comfortable eye alignment (where eyes want to align) and required eye alignment (where eyes need to align) is greater at near vision than distance vision for 90% of people, nearly 2/3 of patients are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms of eye misalignment, known as Trigeminal Dysphoria.

Common symptoms include headaches, eye strain, neck and shoulder pain, dry eyes, and dizziness. Neurolens® provides a unique and effective solution to these painful symptoms: a contoured prism lens design that gradually delivers more prism in the near vision where it is needed most, correcting eye misalignment to restore naturally comfortable vision.

Neurolenses® are proven effective in relieving the painful symptoms of eye misalignment.

  • 93% of patients responded positively to wearing Neurolenses® after purchasing.
  • Over 81% of patients suffering from chronic daily headaches reported their symptoms were substantially reduced or “basically gone” after wearing Neurolenses® for 90 days in a Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) study, while 100% of patients suffering from symptoms of CVS had a positive response to treatment.

Give our office a call or ask your doctor at your next visit how Neurolens® could start providing your eyes with relief today or take the test below to find our if you are a candidate for the Neurolens®.