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Our practice began in 1941 when Dr. Elmer H. Eger returned to Coraopolis to begin the practice of optometry. He began practicing at his parents’ jewelry store (this was common back then as glasses were considered jewelry) but was interrupted and drafted by the Air Force for WWII. Upon returning from the war in 1944, Dr. Elmer realized that optometrists were “prescribers” and moved the practice up the street above a pharmacy and later to 1331 State Avenue. Dr. Mark Eger joined his father in 1968 and was also interrupted as he was drafted into the Air Force during the Vietnam war. Father and son practiced together until Dr. Elmer’s retirement in 1983. The third generation would join the practice as Dr. Noah Eger returned to Coraopolis in 1997.   

Today, the Eger Eye Group’s original principles transcend generations. Our multidisciplinary team of doctors and staff have built a reputation for their experience, knowledge, expertise, cutting-edge technology, honesty and compassion.  Always there for our patients when they need us the most, and providing exemplary care that goes beyond the eyes!